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Food Fair Project

What is the Food Fair Project?

It is a partnership between WHiST, Apna Ghar and Hospitality and Hope supported by South Tyneside Council and funded by the UK Shared Prosperity Fund until March 2025.

The outcome of a research project at WHiST, that focused on women’s experiences of poverty, made it clear that being able to afford healthy food for women and their families was a real struggle and was impacting hugely on their health and well being. This project hopes to encourage people across South Tyneside to find cheap, healthy food and start making their own delicious and healthy meals, using as little fuel as possible in the process.

Eating well is often too easily pushed down the list of daily priorities when struggling with financial difficulties, sleep problems, family and relationships issues, poor mental or physical health etc. That is why an important element of the project is to offer free support with any issues that may be affecting your daily life, and particularly around debt, finance and housing. These are all things that WHiST can help you with either directly or by introducing you to the right organisation to help.

Cooking demonstrations are being held at various community venues and spaces, including WHiST. They will last for 1-2 hours and information will be given on how to reduce the cost of your food budget by buying from different shops, choosing bargains, using left overs and making a larger amount so you can freeze some for later use when you don’t feel like cooking. Sometimes the ingredients will be given out for you to take home and cook yourself. Some of the dishes will be from around the world and often using spices and herbs can add a lot of flavour to meals as well as provide great health benefits.

Stella and Volunteers with food bags and recipes ready for collection.

Who is it for and how do you get involved?

The demonstration sessions are for anyone who is interested in cooking cheap, easy, tasty and healthy meals. You don’t have to have cooking knowledge and if you do you can share what you know as well as learning about different foods and what is good for you. WHiST is a women only space but there are many other venues around South Tyneside for everyone to take part, young or old. If you are interested in finding out more please email or contact the office on 0191 4546959. There will be a maximum number of spaces so you can book yourself up in advance for a demonstration. Information will be sent out via social media on our Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Food demonstration in WHiST coffee bar

Jeanette – “From my perspective I’m 73 and I get sick of cooking the same things and it would be lovely to have some new ideas.  Not an A3 page of how many items you need.  Really nice, tasting food but that you don’t need 99 items to make it.”

Nancy – “You put thyme in something like a sausage casserole and it makes an amazing difference”

Anonymous – “The problem we have is mothers have to go out to work to supplement their income….you’re coming in from work you’ve got a baby to pick up from nursery then you’ve got to prepare for the next day.”

Joan – “Too much convenience food and its far easier to stick something in the microwave. I think we should concentrate on from when they are born and what you wean them on.  You have a baby and that’s it get on with it, there’s no after care….start from birth what you put into your children.”

Stella with WHiST member with the Food Fair Project Bags.


You will find all our recipes by following the link:

Food Fair Recipes

Christmas Lunch
Image: Sweet Potato Tagine
Sweet Potato Tagine

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