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Become A Volunteer

The volunteer project at WHiST works in a solution-focused manner which benefits both our organisation and the women that are supported by it. This way of working has enabled women to be supported to successfully achieve outcomes and goals that have far-reaching impacts on both their own and their family’s lives. Women come to WHiST to volunteer to share their skills, time and knowledge, meet other women, to develop friendships and take part in social activities. Women choose from a range of volunteering opportunities that interest them and take part in ways that suit them.

WHiST Supported Volunteering Model

A true ‘bottom up’ supported volunteering model where the personal and professional development of everyone involved is valued and nurtured and is central to service delivery.

We encourages women to develop and improve self-confidence, to share experiences and spend time shoulder to shoulder developing the respect and trust of other women.

The highest priority for our model is to encourage, support and enable women to unfold their full potential, skills and abilities.

Our belief is that all women have the right to choose and it is our role to support them in the choices they make.

Our volunteering project works because we:

Listen! – Actively listening to women means that we are able to provide services that women truly value

Empathise – we take time to understand how people feel.  Our person centred delivery model ensures we understand the needs of others.

Promote Self-Awareness – By becoming more aware of their own strengths and challenges our volunteers are better able to ask for support and foster the same culture with each other and members.

Collaborate –We don’t believe that any one person has the ‘right answer’ but that the collaboration leads to the greatest outcomes for all.

Build Consensus – We aim to build consensus so that everyone supports decisions and use their own areas of expertise to inspire and empower rather than instruct.

Share Experience – WHiST have 36 years of providing services for women by women. This means that we can learn from experience and better problem solve. Being specialist and not generalist gives us our strength.

What Our Volunteers Think

“I never came out of the house before because of mental health issues and alcohol problems but I feel safe coming here, so I am no longer isolated.”

“I had a trust issue, due to domestic violence. I wanted to make friends but I didn’t know who I could trust. Low self esteem and confidence stops you wanting to go out and meet people. I am able to do these things now.”

“Being involved keeps me well, makes me feel cared for and supported. If you’re not well when you start [coming to WHiST], it makes you well. When you get well, it keeps you well.”

“I came as a stranger but there was always someone there who could speak to you and be friendly. I never met so many nice people in one place. I was bowled over.”

“When you live on your own you feel isolated. Coming to WHiST, getting help, making new friends, takes away your isolation.”

“The friendships and groups make you realise the different skills you have and things you can offer. It also makes you more open minded to other people, non judgemental and more accepting.”