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Counselling Service


We offer free individual counselling for women aged 16+ living in the borough of South Tyneside.   Our Counselling Service has been here at WHiST for over 30 years – and our experience and expertise in responding to women’s needs is substantial.  

The counselling provision is part of WHiST’s wraparound services, contributing to our model of specialist service provision for women.

The WHiST model means that as a project we have an informed and deep understanding of the particular issues, contexts, pressures and complexities relating to women’s lives.  We offer a range of timescales and resources to respond to those in our counselling service provision.  Our approach and work is based on an in depth understanding of the lived realities of women and girls.

Our service responds flexibly to the range and complexity of needs, life situations and issues that women can face over their lifespans where therapeutic support is needed.   We support women as part of a holistic service to help with recovery, re-orientation, developing new skills and reclaiming strengths.


We work with a wide range of issues and difficulties affecting women over our lifespans, including experiences of trauma.  You may not know immediately if counselling is what may help you.   To begin with we offer an assessment appointment – where you have an opportunity to have a confidential conversation with a counsellor about your current situation and needs – which is also a chance to ask any questions about counselling at WHiST.


We all need to feel safe and respected, especially when we might feel vulnerable.

Confidentiality is offered at a high level at the Counselling Service to ensure that you feel comfortable and clear about how your personal information is responded to and managed.  WHiST is an independent charitable organisation and works to strict ethical guidelines around confidentiality and practice in line with professional standards for counsellors and psychotherapists.

WHiST counsellors

… are all trained and experienced counsellors, adhering to the professional standards of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) or UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) or NCPS (National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society). We also have a small number of supervised trainee placements each year for counsellors in the advanced stages of professional counselling training.

For more information about accessing the Counselling Service at WHiST or if you wish to enquire about training placements, please contact Margaret via