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Impact and Statistics

Impact & StatisticsWHiST is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, which provides a wide range of services to support women aged over 16 years old living in South Tyneside to improve their mental, physical and emotional health irrespective of class, sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability.

Since it was established in 1986, the charity now has a membership of over 3000 women and support over 250 women per week to become more independent and feel empowered to make decisions that affect their life choices. WHiST has helped women to increase their knowledge and skills as well as improve their confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing. The charity has supported volunteers to provide services and support other women as well as encouraged women to become more involved in their own communities, providing access into other local services.

Improving and Maintaining Health and Wellbeing

WHiST has developed a holistic, integrated model of service delivery, providing a wide range of mental, physical and emotional support.

  • 152 women accessed counselling
  • 341 women participated in personal development courses
  • 18 different personal development courses were delivered
  • 500 sessions of exercise were delivered
  • 191 complementary therapy sessions were delivered

Chronic Ill-Health and Long-Term Conditions

WHiST provides a wide range of interventions and support to women who are suffering from chronic ill-health and long-term conditions. Managing Chronic Ill-Health courses have resulted in the following:

  • 62% can now manage bouts of depression and anxiety.
  • 54% have improved their self-esteem and sense of wellbeing.
  • 54% women have improved their confidence.
  • 46% have improved their fitness levels, their general health and levels of social integration.

demographics pageMental Health

WHiST provides a variety of counselling methods to aid women in their recovery and improve their health and wellbeing.

  • 152 women accessing counselling
  • 2208 counselling sessions were delivered
  • 60% of 152 women went onto access two or more other services from WHiST to enable progression including personal development courses, complementary therapies, managing chronic ill-health, singing for health or volunteering.

Violence and Abuse

WHiST provides support to women who are living with or have a history of violence and/or abuse.


WHiST currently provides support to 52 volunteers, who have collectively provided 180 hours per week to support 451 women to access and receive support services in 2013-2014.